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Volunteers are always welcome at Project Hope. We have a variety of roles in which you can help. Tasks at the shelter include:

  • cleaning

  • walking dogs

  • petting and brushing cats

  • feeding animals 

  • mowing

  • helping with laundry

  • assisting with transporting animals (to and from PetSmart and the veterinarian)


Volunteers can help with social media, advertising, graphic and website design, participate in fundraising and grant writing, create content for our newsletter, participate in monthly meetings, and help create and run new programs.


Please contact, for details on how you can make a significant difference the lives of animals through volunteering. 


As a foster parent, you provide a loving home to a kitten, puppy, cat, or dog while teaching them how to be a member of a family. Your only task is to nurture them until we are able to find their forever home. Project Hope covers veterinary expenses while the pet is in your care and all items purchased by you for your foster animal are considered donations to the shelter and tax deductible. 


Fostering is a crucial part of a pet's rescue experience. Pets who might not otherwise thrive in the shelter have an opportunity to display their winning personalities in a home setting increasing their chances of being adopted.


If you are interested in fostering a pet or want additional information, please email

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