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A Home of My Own: Templeton's Story

Mary Kate Harpole was flipping through Facebook when she saw the photo of a black puppy. She paused and gushed at the puppy’s adorable face and fell in love with his name, Templeton.

She showed her friends and family the puppy’s photo, and couldn’t seem to shake his image from her head. Though she already has three dogs at home, there was something about the puppy that made her believe he would be the perfect fit for her family.

A week later, she found herself waking up with a decision. She was going to adopt Templeton.

Templeton arrived at the shelter with him Mom, Charlotte, and sister, Fern. The family of three was dumped on the side of the road. Templeton and Fern were just a few weeks old. The two puppies found a temporary foster home awaiting a home of their own. While Fern was adopted quickly, Templeton had no pending adoption papers.

When Mary Kate called the shelter to ask about the puppy, she made sure no one else was interested in him. Wanting him to get a good home, she adopted him a few days later on a rainy Thursday.

“I walked in, and a girl had him in her arms. Before she said anything, I just knew it was Templeton,” says Mary Kate Harpole.

Several months later and Templeton grew into a “tank,” as the Harpole family says. He is muscular and built, growing from a puppy into a young adult, but he has a heart of gold. With a home of his own, Templeton has his own schedule, from naps an hour after he wakes up to playing with his favorite squeaky toy at night.

“He loves everyone, and is so friendly,” says Mary Kate.

Templeton is just one of the many animals who have received a second chance in life thanks to Project Hope. Ready to give a home to a pet in need? Visit Project Hope to find your forever friend.

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