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A Home of My Own: Chase’s Story

Chase’s journey started as a foster pet. When Victoria Pearl met Chase, she had recently lost her beloved rat terrier. Project Hope needed a quiet home for Chase to recover after going through heartworm treatment, and Victoria’s home was the perfect fit.

But as Victoria says, “keeping Chase calm was next to impossible.” Chase appeared to be comfortable and calm as he rested on Victoria’s lap during the car ride home, but that didn’t last long. The moment Victoria let him off the leash, he sprinted around the house, played with everything in sight, and “fell head over heals in love” with her German Shepherd.

After an hour of pure chaos, Victoria realized she “had signed up for one of the hardest tasks imaginable.” Chase’s constant bundle of energy resulted in Victoria having to leave him a cage to calm him, which she despised. In a flash, much like Chase’s energy, the 30 day stay at Victoria’s home ended. It was time for Chase to return to Project Hope to await a home of his own.

Victoria asked her mother if returning Chase to Project Hope was what she wanted to do. She said yes, and Victoria rushed home after work to take Chase to the shelter. But when she got home, she found a surprise awaiting for her. Her mother was hugging Chase and told her she did not need to make the trip to Project Hope. She had already called the shelter to adopt Chase.

Pizza was ordered to celebrate Chase’s official adoption, and of course, he got a slice too. Though Victoria admits her first attempt at fostering seemed to be a “failure,” Chase’s journey was far from a failure. Two years later, Chase is loving his new home. Victoria and her mom spoil him with car rides, his favorite foods, and his own toy collection which she admits “grows almost weekly.” He adores sleeping in bed under the covers, and props his head on his own pillow. After Victoria’s experience adopting Chase, she opened her home to another rat terrier in need. Chase is still learning to “share the spotlight,” but is loving his home of his own.

Chase is just one of the many animals who have a second chance in life thanks to Project Hope. Are you ready to give a home to a pet in need? Visit Project Hope to find your forever friend.

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